What is a Havanese

The Havanese is classified as a toy dog, with a typical height of between 8 to 11 inches and a typical weight of 7 to 13 pounds (think lap dog). Full-grown, these cute little guys are usually slightly longer than they are tall. While The Havanese is small in size, it is sturdy in structure with a tail carried up over its back and ears that drop and fold.

The coat is abundant, long, and silky and comes in all colors. It is composed of hair instead of fur, therefore Havanese are classified as a hypo-allergenic breed. Their coats do not shed. Both their undercoat and outer coat are soft and feel very light to the touch (they are called “silkies” because of this).

Havanese are good natured, fun loving, smart and can be easily trained. They do not bark incessantly like some other small breeds. The Havanese has a spirited personality and a curious disposition, and is notable for its springy gait, a characteristic that distinguishes the breed from all others. Unlike some toy breeds which do not do well around very young children, Havanese have a reputation for being a suitable playmate for children of all ages. This makes it a particularly good choice of pet for families who have children. The Havanese is considered an ideal family pet and a true companion dog.

Havanese get very attached to their owners but do not mind spending time away from their owners, as they are very self entertaining dogs. The Havanese is the ideal dog to have in a low maintenance household. This breed does not require regular exercise. They love to perform in front of others and have a great need for attention.

General Havanese Characteristics –

Recognized by:       American Kennel Club & United Kennel Club.
AKC Parent Club:   Havanese Club of America (HCA)
Country of Origin:    Mediterranean/Cuba
Life Expectancy:     14 – 16 yrs
Height Range:         8 – 11.5 in
Weight Range:        7 – 13 lb
Trainability:              Easy to train; very eager to learn.
Climate:                   Tolerates heat well; Indoor dog; Below average exercise required.  Excellent with children & eternally playful; Good with other animals.
Colors:                     White, cream, gold, silver, blue, black, tri-color.
Grooming:               Regular brushing; for show, should have  natural (non-clipped) coat. 


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