About Us

Our Family

Hi I am Johnny Peterson. I want to tell you how I became the proud owner of two Havanese Dogs. My family resides in Bountiful Utah. My sisters and I had always wanted a dog of our own, but there is one thing that kept on preventing is from getting one. My mom has asthma and is really allergic to dogs and cats. Because of this we had never been able to get a dog or a cat.

Then one day, we discovered the Havanese breed of dogs. When we found this breed there was joy in our home. We could finally have what we all wanted, puppies. Mom researched the dogs and found out that they are a hypo-allergenic breed of dogs. This means that the dogs have hair instead of fur. It also means that the dogs don’t have a protien in their saliva that can cause allergies in many people.

We got two Havanese dogs that we named Dorothy ‘Dot’ Joy and Moki Bahkur. Both of our dogs are from champion lines and have wonderful personalities. Dot and Moki love to chase us and our chickens through the yard. Dot especially loves to run and jump through the air. When she ‘catches air’ from a particularly good angle I imagine she thinks she can fly. Sometimes my youngest sister tries to treat the dogs like dolls. They are always so patient with her. Our dogs are a part of our family and we love them.

Since then …

Over time we decided that we wanted to breed the puppies and make them more available for people that truly want to have a wonderful companion but haven’t been able to because of allergies. As our family grew, we added other dogs to our home. Our puppies are the most special things that we have ever had and we want you to feel the same way about your pet as we do.

Our puppies are playful and we take good care of them and we know that you will enjoy their company.