Bountiful Havanese

Welcome to Our Nursery!

The kids have named each of our puppies with their temporary names. Of course when the puppies go to their permanent homes, their new families can give them their permanent names.

Otis - Male

This little guy is the only male born in this litter. He loves people and is the first one to seek attention when gusts come by.
He is curious and independant though he loves to wrestle and play with his siblings.

Magie - Female

Magie is an absolute sweetheart! She has a playful disposition.
Magie has a calm temperment, loves to be held and cuddled.

Mitzi - Female

Mitzi loves her humans. She likes to groom (lick) and play with everyone. She alos loves her naps.
Mitzi loves to be outside and to run around with her siblings.

Snow White - Female

Snow White has a very calm disposition and is sometimes timid. But she also loves to play with her pack mates.
She snuggles into our laps well and like to sit there getting attention.

Tag - Female

Tag is almost all white with only a small patch of light brown on her left ear. She is active and playful.
Her engaging personality is fun to everyone who visits the puppies.




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